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Corcovado National Park to the South Pacific Region of Costa Rica


Costa Rica seemed to never run out of tourist attractions that will spoil the nature lovers from around the world. The coffee producing country has dozens of national parks and conservation areas that you can enter in the list of tourist destinations when visiting Central America. Compared with other countries, Costa Rica has the most […]

Japanese-American Historical artifacts in the Japanese American National Museum

Japanese American National Museum

Japanese population has come to live in Los Angeles more than a century ago. They also experience an unpleasant story for detained in camps during World War II. History and the story of the East Asia can be seen on the Japanese American National Museum. The museum is located in Little Tokyo in downtown Los […]

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, Many Things Unique World

Ripley’s-Believe It-or-Not!-Museum44

The unique facts from around the world that never aired in the show creations of Robert Ripley was kept in a museum that can be visited by the general public. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Hollywood Museum can be visited all year round from 10:00 to midnight. The entry ticket price of $ 16.99 (adults) […]

Maritime collection in Los Angeles Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum

Los Angeles became a center of military defense of the US Navy during World War II. So it is not surprising that in the area of the port of Los Angeles found relics of war such as SS Lane Victory and Battleship USS Iowa. LA Harbor historical artifacts are also stored in the Los Angeles […]

Western Museum of Flight Southern California

western museum of flight torrance ca

Southern California aerospace world has been growing for a long time. To maintain, preserve and introduce artifacts flights Southern California established the Western Museum of Flight (WMOF). Western Museum of Flight is located in the complex Zamperini Field Torrance city flight field. The museum collection consists of a wide range of issues related to the […]

Printing Machinery Most Complete Museum in the World

international printing museum carson

Since the old printing press has inspired many people, including Ernest A. Lindner. 1988 classic collector’s printing press in collaboration with David Jacobson of Gutenberg Expositions Lindner founded the Collection of Antique Printing Machinery. In 1997, a museum of an antique printing press was moved from Buena Park to Carson, California. Since the move this […]

Classical Architecture at the Getty Center Museum

getty center museum address

If there Pasadena Norton Simon Museum of Art that holds a collection of art, during a visit to Brentwood stop by to The Getty Center to see the collection of art objects. Museum founded by businessman Jean Paul Getty was a good collection of classic art. The collection includes paintings, drawings, manuscripts, and art decor. […] © 2017 - Information on Travel, Vacation Spots, and Museum