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Justice and Police Museum In Australia


Open every day at 10:00 to 17:00, the museum may be visited by anyone both school children and adults. This is where some of the famous criminal cases is enshrined, for example Shark Arm Murder, The Pyjama Girl Case and the Graeme Thorne Kidnapping. Everything is complete with reconstructing the crime scene and items of […]

Sulphide Street Railway and Historical Museum


Australia is a country that appreciates art and history so that visitors can still find plenty of interesting historical trail in many cities in the region. One is sulphide Street Railway and Historical Museum, the place is home to more than four museums with tariff package, including Broken Hill Migrants Museum, Hospital Museum, Ron Carter […]

In Central Scotland Society Aussie


The town lies on the banks of the river has always been a destination location for the angler who tried to conquer the freshwater fish in the river – the river that they visited. Destination can visitors stop in to find a lot of big fish is Maclean passed by Clarence River watershed known as […] © 2017 - Information on Travel, Vacation Spots, and Museum