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Children’s Discovery Museum, Bangkok Thailand

Atmospheric museum which is generally quiet and less communicative, not describe the Children’s Discovery Museum. Here, children will learn a wide range of general knowledge and knowledge of nature with a very pleasant way. Understand if curiosity high child and likes to touch, then this museum presents a display of props and information with a very modern and unique. Children tend to passively accept science in school. While here, the children are trained to become more active so that the admission process and the process will be concentrated belaar faster and more fun.


Hours: 9:00 to 17:00 (Tuesday-Friday), 10:00 to 18:00 (Saturday-Sunday)
Admission: adults 70 baht (about USD 20,000), children 50 baht (about USD 15,000)
Location: Chatuchak Park
MRT: Chatuchak
BTS: Chatuchak
Tel: +66 (0) 2272 4575

In the Gallery of Natural Sciences, the children will learn a wide range of basic knowledge of physics and chemistry. For example, create a very large air bubble and principles of physics others. There is also, the room where the children learn about the anatomy of the body and all the science related to the human body. They can test their own heartbeat, then learn about the science of the response. Children can try pressing various kinds of buttons and knowing what response appears. ( Banyak juga koleksi di : History of the World Famous Toys Being Spielzeug Welten Museum )

Children are curious can enter the glass tunnel and learn about illusions here. There is also, the room where the children can learn about the world and everything in it. From studying the world of musical instruments, drums of various kinds, and try to play it and to understand the differences in the sound that comes out of each drum. To be able to appreciate the diversity of life in every part of the world, the museum is exhibiting a wide range of homes and crops in several parts of the earth.

Not only that, here are recorded greetings in the various languages of the world, and children can try. This will greatly sharpen linguistic skills and hearing the Son. If the Son gifted in the arts, they could try to be a star in the TV or radio program of their own. In fact, if you want to know the cooking talents of the child, they could try to cook Thai cuisine in My Little Kitchen.

This museum really gives knowledge that quite a lot. In fact, the car can be found on their knowledge here. Starting from the engine to what caused the accident. If you get bored with indoor activities, provided outside the playground is also thick with science.


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