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Corcovado National Park to the South Pacific Region of Costa Rica

Costa Rica seemed to never run out of tourist attractions that will spoil the nature lovers from around the world. The coffee producing country has dozens of national parks and conservation areas that you can enter in the list of tourist destinations when visiting Central America. Compared with other countries, Costa Rica has the most tropical rain forest, which opened as a tourist location. One of the national parks is the famous Corcovado National Park. Located in the Osa Peninsula, Corcovado offers valuable experience for those who love outdoor adventure. The life of a variety of wildlife can be seen directly in the area of 425 km² of rain forest that has not been touched by this human activity.

Corcovado National Park dubbed as the Amazon of Costa Rica for their wildlife diversity. Corcovado rainforest is the habitat for over 400 species of birds, 139 mammals and 116 species of amphibians. Because the forest conditions that are rarely touched by humans, then we can still find a giant snake with a length of more than 5 meters around the swamp. Not only that, large crocodiles also live freely in Corcovado river flow that amounted to hundreds of birds. Access entering Corcovado forest is very limited, we must use a safari vehicle if it is to actually venture into the woods. Some point like a swamp area is not accessible to the interests of tourism. Besides being dangerous, park managers intentionally shut certain places for tourists. The goal is, of course, to preserve wildlife in the forest of Corcovado.

In addition to hiking and safari exploring the forest, we can also use a boat down the river Corcovado. Beautiful views of the mangrove forests on both sides of the river will accompany our journey up towards offshore. As mentioned previously, the rivers in Corcovado National Park is home to saltwater crocodiles and Chairman large. Therefore, we must remain vigilant and follow all the recommended procedures of national park officials when in a boat at. Visitors will also be treated to a wonderful view of the waterfall located in between the hills of Corcovado forest. Arriving at the sea, you will be invited to see hordes of dolphins and turtles who is fond of swimming around Corcovado beach in the afternoon.

The location is quite remote, making a national park established since October 24, 1975, has not been widely explored as a large-scale tourist areas. But thanks to its natural beauty, many travelers from other countries who are willing to take a bumpy dirt road to reach the Corcovado National Park. No wonder though relatively difficult to reach, this tourist area has many luxury lodging facilities are ready to serve every visitor who comes. For the backpacker, you do not need to worry because Corcovado also has many hotels and restaurants with reasonable prices. The main entrance to the national park can be reached via the Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge near San Pedrillo and Sirena Station. Corcovado National Park can also be reached from Drake Bay and Carate are just a few kilometers from La Leona Station. We can use a bus or private vehicle towards this place.

Corcovado National Park is open every day from Tuesday to Sunday at 08:00 until 16:00. The admission price is the Corcovado National Park is 10 USD (10 US dollars). The best time to visit this place is during the rainy season in May until December when the water supply is abundant in the forest Corcovado. In the rainy season, we will easily find hundreds of birds flying low and wild animals foraging around the lake. Different conditions we will encounter when visiting in the dry season, dry lakes and rivers will make here migratory birds and animals find food elsewhere. We can also visit some other famous tourist destinations in Costa Rica such as the Rincon de la Vieja, Santa Rosa and Jaco.


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