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Eating at restaurant with waiter Sexy , Daoxianji

Enjoy dinner at a restaurant with a romantic atmosphere of course, is already a matter of course. Would be different if the waiter from the restaurant that serves something that really makes you stunned. The waiter is not made to be more tasty dishes by adding spices and other spices. But very sexy dress that makes the visitors can eat food with gusto.


Daoxianji has about 20 female waitress and also 10 manservant wearing a bikini and swimwear every day. It turns out this is very effective way to boost sales of the restaurant. In each chest of the waiters are tattooed the name of the restaurant Daoxianji. A surefire steps to boost marketing.

Daoxianji have a special menu that is congge. This menu is a meat soup combined with rice that is ready to spoil the tongue. Moreover, coupled with a maid who wore sexy clothes. Despite sharp criticism from many quarters, but Daoxianji keep doing this innovation and proven invites visitors to come to the restaurant. Not just want to enjoy a variety of culinary, but to see the sexy waitress who serves visitors with friendly.

Restaurants Daoxianji, Shengyang, China has a maid who wore a sexy bikini. The waiters women will wear a bikini to serve the patrons of this restaurant. While the servants of men will shirtless and only wearing shorts used to swim at the beach. Of course, a new scenery and a bit eccentric carried by Daoxianji.READ ALSO : Favorite place restaurant for Iftar In SINGAPORE

A move is certainly bold enough innovation of Daoxianji. In terms of appearance the restaurant, Daoxianji is not much different from the restaurants in Shenyang. Both in terms of exterior, interior to the culinary offered to the visitors. Daoxianji able to undertake bold steps to implement their innovations and ideas to make the waiters dressed in bikini and swimwear to serve the buyers. Certainly a very brilliant move. Proved to be an appeal to raise turnover.Daoxianji could be an alternative restaurant can be visited when on vacation to Shenyang china


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