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Festival Pied Piper Duck Show In Sydney , Australia

Want to see the geese waddle on the catwalk? Come only in The Event Pied Piper Duck Show. In this event, the owner duck dress and decorate the ducks that they have unique costumes. Hundreds of geese will look fashionable by wearing a variety of hats and clothes and brightly colored

The ducks and swaying on the catwalk, the same as the model being showcased clothes they wear, addition parade fashion show with models duck, the festival also featured a duck race. This competition becomes very festive as funny behavior of ducks as quickly collided. After watching the parade and funny duck race earlier, we are also able to enjoy the culinary made from duck also emm..

Farmers in Australia Brian Harrington, who has now reached the age of 60 is more strongly believes that his duck is talented models, even as good as a human supermodel. To prove this to the world, he was dressed in furry friends in trendy clothes and let them waddle on the catwalk in Duck Show Pied Piper in the famous Sydney Royal Easter Show. Given the show has been running for more than 30 years, it appears that he was right.

 pied piper duck fashion show

In addition to exhibiting glamorous, duck Brian also athletic, taking part in an event called Racing Duck, where duck, either, race each other. Besides ducks, Brian reportedly also train pigs to play musical chairs. Now we have to see.

You certainly do not feel unfamiliar with the name duck instead? Duck is a species of bird in the family Anatidae. In general, duck neck and relatively long half-life, wide and curvy body. Body shape duck usually rounded and varied. Well, at this time the ducks are adorable gorgeous look stunning in a parade of the feast of Passover (Easter Parade) in Sydney, Australia.

 brian harrington pied piper duck show

Every year, Brian ducks wearing different clothing styles, according to the latest trends. Ducks in the hat, duck in a skirt, even ducks in wedding attire paraded around the city, led by trained dogs. On the catwalk display their talent even as they face a blind photographer with lights flashing star, wowing thousands of spectators in the annual festival in the country of Australia.

Feast of Easter Parade is happening around the world, but this parade is really different and very special. The beautiful ducks appear feminine by wearing brightly colored clothing, such as yellow, blue, red, and pink. But there are a pair of ducks most striking and caught the attention of the audience of the many ducks that have been performed. Duck male wearing a black suit that has been equipped with a bow tie, while the female duck wearing a pearl white wedding dress beautiful and fascinating. They also seemed to walk and waddle on the catwalk when the event Pied Piper Duck Show Sydney.

 brian harrington pied piper duck Sydney

“Pied Piper Duck Show” is one of the festival which is held on an annual basis of the most famous in the country of Australia. This event is the biggest event part of 14 days or two weeks around Easter “The Sydney Royal Easter Show,” which is also known as the “Royal Easter Show” or simply “The Show” is staged every year in Sydney, Australia. This event usually attracts visitors approximately 1,000,000 annually.


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