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Frozen Elsa World Existing in Hokkaido Crystal Museum

Japan is a country with four seasons, one snowy season. When the snow falls, is the most eagerly anticipated by the foreign tourists, especially those from countries that there is no snow season like Indonesia. Moment of snow in Japan even poured in a very famous movie. One of the distinctive scene and make the audience not easily forget is when the character Elsa was singing a song called “Let It Go” while establishing the ice palace of the snowstorm.


When visiting here would be a lot of admiration is felt. The museum itself is located in the northern part of Hokkaido which of course will make you amazed by it. Could not wait to visit the Museum of Hokkaido this crystal? Write down some of the information is as follows:

Address: 3-Chome 1-1 Minamigaoka, Asahikawa, Hokkaido 070-8028, Japan

Tel: +81 166-63-2211

Opening hours: 09:00 to 17:00

Admission: 650 yen

In this museum will be found flakes contained in the floor of the museum. Small flakes are sprinkled on almost the entire floor of the museum. Inside there is also a very beautiful wooden chair in which many people interpret as the seat Cinderella or princess of snow. The museum also has a large hall that can be rented to hold a reception for the wedding. Architectural museum is also known to be very beautiful and adapted to the theme of the museum: the palace of snow.

The snow is very famous palace beautiful and many people want to visit, but certainly not in real life. But do not worry, because anyone who wants to visit the palace of snow could come to Hokkaido Snow Crystal Museum. The museum is located in Hokkaido Japan, a super cool area.


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