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Fukugawa Edo Museum Store Lots of History in Tokyo

The museum was founded in 1986. As the name implies, this museum a lot of lifting things in the Edo-themed collections. Various kinds of relics of Edo can you find here as a typical illustration of Edo, replicas, to a wide range of other exhibits are closely related to the Edo period. Entitled to other museums, Edo Fukugawa also has some parts that eksbisi hall, offices, a small theater, banquet hall and others.


Fukugawa Edo Museum is located at 1-3-28 Shirakawa, Koto, Tokyo.

Period Edo is the most important period in the history of Sakura because society has contributed so much to contribute in the development of Japan. So to commemorate and honor all matters relating to the Edo so much built museum. Fukugawa Edo Museum is one of them.

Which became the main attraction of the museum is of course 11 replicas of buildings in the Edo period are 1: 1. When looking at you as if he could tell which replicas and where reality because it resembles. Some of the buildings that you can see in the hall eksbisi is a houseboat, houses fish traders and other storage space. For those of you who are curious to see the inside of the replica can then directly enter because it is building its own replica scale 1: 1, which means the same as the large size of the original building.

If you’ve entered so you do not just see an empty room without any interior trinkets or because it turns out the way to the interior as it was originally created. Lighting and audio systems very well designed so that visitors can really feel from past real life. You can also get into a mini theater that became one of the facilities here. The theater Tampi with typical Japanese style specially designed to resemble the theaters of the Edo period. This theater usually used to hold a wide variety of traditional art performances such as kata rim ono and raku go.


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