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The town lies on the banks of the river has always been a destination location for the angler who tried to conquer the freshwater fish in the river – the river that they visited. Destination can visitors stop in to find a lot of big fish is Maclean passed by Clarence River watershed known as The Scottish City in Australia and the region has many heritage buildings nations Scotland and they are proud of the heritage of Scotland. The city offers a relaxed lifestyle, and visitors can book a guide to lead visitors around the city and explore the heritage trail of culture also admire the historic architecture, visitors can embark on this journey to visit the city museum or browse the boutique shops and art galleries are also stores – craft stores.

Do not miss the view from the lookout Maclean serving attractive appearance of the top coastal towns and the mighty Clarence River. Maclean which is a town in the Clarence Valley local government areas in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia is located close to the Pacific Highway. In the 2006 census, has a population of 3,245 people. Some industries are growing in this town include tourism, sugar cane production, agricultural areas and streams with lots of shrimp trawling.


For more than 100 years of Maclean has organized a meeting at the Highland popular Easter, in which participants composed of members of the band, athletics also cultural performances of traditional Scottish champions compete and fight. If visitors roam the streets in this city, the visitor will find many road signs are written in Chinese and Scottish Gaelic also electricity poles are painted with beautiful patterns and painting style of Korean visitors can also find in buildings built in Herb Stanford Park. The city was originally inhabited by Gumbaingirr or Yaygir which is a clan of Aboriginals until the white man came in 1789 and the city was formally organized in 1862 and named after Alexander Maclean.

Maclean is also a fishing port area and a service center for local agricultural land. Located in the hinterland of the river along the Clarence River, so the city is famous for a variety of river water fishing bargaining and provides easy access to the coastal national parks and holiday resorts. Find some interesting work in Witzig Gallery which is located not far from the Clarence River at Maclean and display the northern coast style architecture that makes it unique and inspiring galleries. Witzig Gallery specializes diverse display originating from Papua New Guinea with his trademark style in the form of contemporary art. Displaying various types of unique paintings, both traditional and cultural shows in the style of an imaginary Papua New Guinea.




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