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Islamic Religious Travel in Saudi Arabia

we also know in saudi arabia lot about the history of Islam as well as tourist attractions relgi Islamic religion and here are also many historical places as a tourist you curious? check it :

cave of hira history

Cave of Hira Jabal Nur

Hira cave in mountain slope (mountain) is a Prophet Muhhamad nur saw seclusion (alone) to receive the first revelation

nur mountain is one of a row of rocky mountains that surround the city of Mecca. It is in the northeastern city of Mecca.
the distance is approximately 6km north side haram Mosque where the shrine is located.

to climb the hill which is fully composed of the composition of the sharp rocks and slippery it takes about 1 to 1-5 hours.

Caves Tyre, jabal tsur makkah

Caves Tyre, Jabal Tsur

Tyre mountain located approximately 6km to the south of the Grand Mosque, Mecca. To achieve this requires a trip Tyre Cave hike for 2 to 3 hours.

This is the Holy Prophet Muhhamad mountains, and Abu Bakar As-Siddiq ra,. hiding from the siege of the Quraysh when they wanted to migrate to Medina AlMunawarah

In the past many pilgrims seek to ascend to the mountain and see the cave Tyre Tyre. however, a steep hill terrain conditions, as well as travel time long enough to reach the cave, making Saudi government Advise To not rise to the mountain Tsur

congregation now can only watch jabal Tsur from the bottom of the hill

 jabal rahmah story

Jabal Rahmah

peak there is a memorial as a sign of the prophet Adam meetings As., and Eve met after 100 years as descended from heaven to earth
Other important events that occurred in this place is a revelation last fall of the nabbi Muhhamad saw.
This place should we say a prayer, because it includes one of the places efficacious (granted) prayer

Suquq Lail4355344

Suquq Lail

Prophet Muhammad, believed to be born at the foot of the mountain in the village suqul Qubais abiLail, Mecca in 1950, the birthplace of Prophet Muhhamad Allah., Is used as a waqf library or maktabbah Mecca AlMukarramah on request sheikh abbas alQattan, who served as governor of Mecca at the time

Giant Hours 44323

Giant Hours

This clock certainly be a super big attractions to see and visit when visiting mecca hours at the peak altitude of 600m skyscraper with 40 m diameter circle clock
This hour will also be one of the icons saudi ara because it can be seen from the distance of about 25km above the top of the clock tower mounted a gold crescent moon diameter 23m




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