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Location UFO That Reveal its Existence

Unidentified flying object or so-called UFO has become a phenomenon that is still mysterious. In some places, the UFO sightings reportedly still clearly visible. Moreover, in some of these locations are often linked to UFO. Reporting from Rough guides, this is the spot:


Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell is the most common location of UFO sightings. Reportedly many have claimed to see foreign objects come from the sky. 1947 was the first time UFO sightings appear. If you are among those who love the sci-fi UFO, it would not hurt to visit Roswell.

Manitoba, Canada

Manitoba is located in Canada. And in this town reportedly already 1,000 cases of UFO sightings were witnessed by many people. Manitoba is often a red light appears in the sky. You can visit this town if you want to see the phenomenon.

Dundee, Wisconsin

In the city of Dundee, Wisconsin, the population is said to have seen a UFO that often appear in the sky in the form of light. Even in Dundee is often held UFO Daze festival in June. If you are interested in these things, there is no harm come to Dundee and enjoy the festival. Because after the festival finished, reportedly there are some people who will be lost. People in Dundee believe that they go to the sky taken by a UFO.

M Triangle, Russia

Rival M Triangle Area 51 is located in Russia. M Triangla is in a zone that is never reached by man. The location is in the Ural mountains are quite beautiful and still wild. You should not come to M Triangle. But you can mingle with the fans UFO around the Ural mountains to see the arrival of a UFO when night.



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