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Museum OF Tea Ware Many Completeness

Many places that can be visited in Hongkong relation to historical attractions. Hong Kong has a number of museums of high historical value that includes menyimpanm various rare collection. Museum of Tea Ware Hong Kong is one of the museums in the British Commonwealth country is pretty much visited by foreign travelers. In this museum are shown various completeness of drinking tea are typical ethnic Chinese.

The museum has a gallery displaying various kinds of equipment for tea banquet usually held by the palace from past. One gallery is Chinese Tea Drinking here which enables visitors to see the various kinds of instruments to drink tea from the time the Tang Dynasty, Qing until the modern era.


Location: Museum of Tea Ware is in Cotton Tree Drive, Hong Kong.

Various equipment tea banquets that are here is quite diverse ranging from floral, dragon, bird, bull, until the twigs and leaves. Various kinds of equipment can also be found here such as teapots, cups and cup pads. The existence of this museum does provide experience and invaluable information for every visitor. Various equipment that drinking tea is made of copper, aluminum, silver to gold though. It’s interesting and new unforgettable visit one gallery only.

While other galleries are Chinese Ceramics and Seals which here there are various kinds of handicrafts such as statues that keep the historical aspect is very deep. Some objects in the museum collection of the gallery will provide knowledge about the history of Chinese dynasties from past to future British colonialists. The objects that are here the majority was donated by the KS Lo Foundation. So also here there is a gallery called Calligraphy on stone which not only contained herein calligraphy on canvas but also the calligraphy painted on a rock. Indeed visit here will provide a very different experience.


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