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Natural charm of Beautiful Beaches in the World, Rabbit Lampedusa

Italy was not only famous because of the presence of buildings, food and historical museum alone. No one expected if the most beautiful beaches in the world are in the country this pizza. Is Rabbit Beach on the southwestern coast of Sicily, Italy, which is chosen by the tourists as the most beautiful beaches in the world. The coronation is based on the results of a survey conducted by one of the leading tourist sites in 2013. Polls are followed by millions of people around the world, chose Rabbit Beach because it has the atmosphere of a typical Mediterranean coast a dream for all travelers.

Rabbit beach is also popular because it has a uniqueness that is not owned by any other beach in the world. Unlike other beaches in general, Rabbit Beach is home to hundreds of free-living rabbit around the coast. The rabbits had been living since many years ago and is the reason why the name Rabbit Beach given. In addition to the presence of rabbits, Rabbit beach is very popular for its natural beauty marine still very awake. The beach area is not yet widely untouched human activity. Although it is only accessible by boat, this should not discourage tourists to see the beauty of the white sand and blue water. In addition to rabbits, we can also find different types of turtles, especially during spawning season arrives.


Administratively, the island is part of the province of Agrigento in Sicily, Italy. But geographically, the island belongs to the African continent. Because of its location which is in the midst of three different continents, Lampedusa often becomes a place for illegal immigrants from Asia and Africa to Europe. Surrounded by steep cliffs, beaches in Lempedusa protected from the sea breeze that has calm waves and friends. Privileges owned island that relies on tourism and fisheries sectors as this is the main economic driver, which makes it a favorite destination for tourists worldwide. Despite being a popular tourist destination among domestic and foreign tourists, the island area of 20.2 km2 PageNo many hotels and resort facilities. Italy’s southernmost island only has a few hotels located in the heart of the city. Most tourists did not stay on the island is home to about 4,500 residents. The travelers usually visit Rabbit beach during the day and return to the major cities of Italy by boat towards evening.

Lampedusa island indeed can be accessed by ferry from mainland Italy. The boat service connects with the city of Porto Empedo Lempedusa which became part of the province Agragento. As for air transport, Lampedusa has airports serving routes to Palermo and Catania each day. At certain times, the airport also serves the route Lampedusa flight to Milan, Rome, Venice and other cities in mainland Italy.

The beach is located on the island of Lampedusa this region, considered to meet all the requirements to be the most beautiful beach in the world. With the warm weather Mediterranean sea, tourists usually spend their time sunbathing while enjoying the whisper of the waves Rabbit beach. Lempedusa island is indeed one maritime destination in Italy. Lampedusa is an island in the Pelagie archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea.


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