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Okinawa Japan Best Beaches in The World

Okinawa Japan White Beach, safest beaches and relaxing in Japan. results Japanese atmosphere typical rural atmosphere combined beaches are very beautiful and peaceful.
White sandy beaches, it is common. In Japan there is an island that has a star Beach. Yes, fine sand beach has a diverse and many star-shaped. How could you?

There was a bit of a traveler who likes to stroll to the beach. Soft white sand on the beach and the sound of waves derunya able to refresh the mind. But, there are different things when you visit Iriomote Island, Okinawa, Japan. Sand beach here is different from other beaches.

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Iriomote Island is a small island in the Okinawa Islands. On the island there is a beach called Hoshizuna no Hama, meaning star sandy beaches.

Hoshizuna no Hama is a gently sloping beach and there are rocks. The beach is clean and there is rarely trash. Coupled with sea water gradation from the shore and coral islands on the shore, the beach looks beautiful.
okinawa japan beach pictures
For those who like snorkeling, Hoshizuna no Hama has a powerful underwater world. Get ready to meet a cute fish and various forms of coral reefs. Clear sea water, guaranteed to make you feel at home for a long while snorkeling here.
Moreover, Hoshizuna no Hama has uniqueness in beach sand. Obviously, star-shaped sand beaches. Take a handful of sand in your hand and take note of the sand grains close. Really like stars normally described as having five sides are tapered.

Secret sand star here is sand beaches mixed with shells of microorganisms, which normally live in the seaweed. However, the shape of sand that such stars are the main attraction for the world traveler.

To arrive to Hoshizuna no Hama on Iriomote Island, you can cross by ferry ride from Okinawa. Notice that each grain of sand like a star. But remember, maintain cleanliness and preservation of the beach so as not to get angry: D
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10 things to do when going to visit Okinawa
1. Visit the World War History Locations such as the Peace Prayer Park and the former headquarters of the Japanese underground. Both locations, as well as many others are scattered throughout the island, many valuables and provide an opportunity to remember the great battle that took place in Okinawa during World War II. underground headquarters of Japan is an interesting place where visitors are allowed to walk underground tunnels and space that serves as the headquarters of the Japanese military in Okinawa during battle. Second Peace Prayer Park and Underground Museum of Japan located in the southern tip of Okinawa, near the city of Naha and provide a unique and personal insight into the war.

2. Take part in Okinawa Festival – Includes Sakura Festival, Obon Orion, Dragon Boat Races, And Largest Tug – O – War in the world. Okinawan people really love their festivals, and they are scattered throughout the year, and around the island. Sakura Festival is held in the spring, when the Japanese cherry blossom trees bloom pink flowers were amazing. Travel north to Nago where you will easily see the big pink mountain covered Sakura, which is called the mountain Nago,. It is a pleasant place to hike and enjoy the beautiful scenery and festivals in the city. Be sure to look for more information about all the amazing festivals are available in Okinawa.

3. Tour Shuri Castle and other Japanese Castles dating back almost 1000 years! Shuri Castle, which is situated in the southern Okinawa, Okinawa is a fully restored palace was built around 1300. Nakagusuku Castle Ruins, another Okinawan castle, located near the center of Okinawa, close to Camp Foster, and Kadena AFB. While only the castle walls are standing, it presents an interesting view on the stone mortar building techniques – less highly developed. Both of these castles, and much more are scattered throughout the island, has great views, rich history, and fun outdoor adventures.

4. Taking advantage of Okinawa Ocean Around Much Water Sports. Okinawa is the place for you with lots of water activities including trips Scuba Diving, Jet Ski, Wake Boarding, Paramount sailing Deep Sea Fishing, Sailing, Surfing, Spearfishing, and much more. There really is something for everyone in Okinawa when it comes to water activities.

5. many Malls, Shops, Markets, and the road around the island – Okinawa is a great place to get out and shop, not only to buy souvenirs, but to get out and experience some of the culture of Japan. With several locations older shopping streets such as Kokusai Street (downtown Naha), Heiwadori (next to Kokusai street) and the meat market (located in Heiwadori) and Gate 2 Street and Park Avenue, there are many old style, street market shopping to be had . And for those who are more interested in modern shopping experience, check Jusco, another mall, and the American Village, just south of Kadena AFB Gate 1. It is always fun to go shopping in Okinawa because of unique items and odd that can be found, and purchased.

6. Hiji waterfall – Travel to North Okinawa Motobu Peninsula – Visit Churaumi Aquarium, Hiji Falls Hike, Tour Cape Hedo and stay the night in Okuma while touring northern Okinawa. The Aquarium, which is the main attraction in Okinawa and probably one of the best in the world, is just one of the many adventures available to those who dare to the north. Okuma has both recreational facilities Japanese American Military and the resort and each is located on the beach was fantastic with lots of water activities. Do not allow yourself to be tied to a more solid sourthern part of Okinawa, travel north for a wonderful adventure.

7. Eat Authentic Japanese and Okinawan Food while in Okinawa – There is so much food to eat in Okinawa, I was never able to list them all, but here are some you do not want to miss: Sushi (and a sushi restaurant go-round), Okinawa Soba, Yakitori , Taco Rice, Yakisoba, fried rice, and this list could go on and on. The key, then, is to be brave and try many different foods as possible, settling on your favorite. Many people are surprised when they try the food of Okinawa, and ended up loving it.

8. Scuba Dive or Snorkel Okinawa is the best in the world. Coral Reef Area – Okinawa is one of the best places to get a scuba diving certification because of low cost, and a large selection of dive sites. For those who are interested in staying close to the surface of the water, taking advantage of the clear sea and snorkel in one of the fantastic locations around the island. Beautiful coral formations to see and various types of tropical fish were amazing. And if you want to dive or snorkel in one of five places in the world, just take a quick ferry to Kerama Islands.

9. Eat at CoCo Curry – Probably the Best Restaurant in the World – While I know some people who do not like CoCo Curry, most of the people I know love it. What the CoCo Curry? It is a chain restaurant in Japan (and spread to America, slowly) that serves curry rice, with a number of different toppings available. You can choose how spicy curries, as well as how many grams of rice you want to eat. It’s hard to say what makes CoCo Curry is so good, but it is one of those places you have to go and experience it for yourself.

10. Go to the Beach – Okinawa have beaches everywhere, and they tend to be the center of activities, food and shopping that can not be missed. There are several popular beaches near the center of the island, including the Tropical Beach, Sunset Beach, Araha and Kadena Marina. It is a nice beach to go if you are looking to mingle with many others. But if you want a more private beach, take a drive north and follow the coast of Okinawa. You will soon find beach after beach with almost no one else around. Enjoy the beach all to yourself is very relaxed, and easily found in Okinawa.

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