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Oldest Synagogue, Synagogue de Cordoba

In the 19th century the Spanish government named the Synagogue de Cordoba as a national monument. The synagogue is already no longer active as a place of worship, but the historic building it became an important symbol for the modern Jewish community. Therefore, Sinagoga de Cordoba is an attractive tourist destination and also unique.

Construction of places of worship of the Jewish people was estimated to be about the year 1314 – 1315 and actively used by the followers of Moses is expelled by the Catholic kingdom of Spain in 1492. After that Sinagoga de Cordoba repeatedly changed functions, including being a hospital for those infected with rabies. The synagogue later became Monastery of San Crispin and chapel in 1588. A sign of the cross in the west wing of the building marks the synagogue was used for Christian activities. Experts estimate that the cross makes Sinagoga de Cordoba was destroyed by the Catholic government in the past.

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Sinagoga de Cordoba-757

Operating Time: Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00 – 17.00.

Tickets: € 0.30.

Address: Calle de los Judios, 20, 14004 Cordoba.

Transportation: The distance is only 400 meters to the west of Mezquita de Cordoba so easily reached by walking for 5 minutes.

Sinagoga de Cordoba was built in her style mudéjar by a group of architects led by Isaac Moheb. The shape of the box, a small, but high enough, perhaps to get sunlight from the roof. In front of the synagogue tourists often queue up to the street to wait their turn.

The exterior of the Synagogue Cordoba is not so spectacular but the interior is very rich and beautiful. Dressing walls typical of Arab Moorish decorations and inscriptions in Hebrew script. The inscription tells about the history and the date of manufacture of the synagogue. A small courtyard brings the visitors to the entrance to the narrow hallway.

From there we will reach the prayer space measuring 6.95 x 6.37 meters. On the right there is a special room for women facing the prayer room through three arch windows. The arches that are very decorative and beautiful. On the east wall there is a boat, a place where the Torah scrolls are stored ancient. This synagogue undergone several restorations, including those conducted by Felix Hernandez in 1929 and 1977. Sinagoga de Cordoba is the only ancient synagogue in Andalusia and one of the three medieval synagogues remaining in Spain.


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