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Ramen restaurant Super Sexy In Japan

Ramen is delicious, and could be more delicious if eaten ramen at this shop!

Snack Bar Izakaya Ramen name. This ramen shop is located at the address Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Megurohoncho 4-3-14. Snack Bar Izakaya Ramen ramen shop is not arbitrary, the food here is good, and the seller is also good looking. Many who visit here not because of ramen, but because Takako Hayakawa, the seller ramen beautiful and look sexy.


Takako Hayakawa seems really – really understand how to lure customers to choose his ramen shop. She cooked ramen while serving visitors to shop by always performed using pieces of clothing with a very low chest. Hmm, it is fair visitors kedainya majority of men – men yes!

Hence also, Snack Bar Izakaya Ramen shop was finally dubbed the tavern ‘Oppai Ramen’ which in Japanese means ‘breast ramen’.

You can order menu zodiac-shoyu ramen at a price of 650 yen and 900 yen for the jumbo ramen. Or you can also try Katsuo-dashi kombu kelp soup and a dessert. To drink, you can order beer, shochu, cocktails, tequila, and drinks – a typical drink bar in Japan. But the funny thing is, you can only book ramen if Hayakawa was in the mood to cook, if not you have to be ready to bite the fingers. But this is a challenge for visitors, they should be able to seduce Hayakawa to cook ramen.if you were in China do not forget to visit: restaurant with waiter Sexy, Daoxianji

For your information, Takako Hayakawa is a sexy former model turned-entrepreneur ramen. No wonder the beauty and sexiness to attract visitors, especially males.

Takako Hayakawa chose to establish a Snack Bar Izakaya Ramen in a building of similar flats. In this place there is also a bar – another bar, probably because that Hayakawa had to cleverly attract as – the many visitors.

Snack Bar Izakaya Ramen location not too far from Meguro Post Office, you can take a taxi or use private vehicles, both two-wheeled or four-headed bar is super sexy. Izakaya Ramen Snack Bar is open from the afternoon until late at night. If you go there do not be surprised if the contents of the bar men all


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