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Sulphide Street Railway and Historical Museum

Australia is a country that appreciates art and history so that visitors can still find plenty of interesting historical trail in many cities in the region. One is sulphide Street Railway and Historical Museum, the place is home to more than four museums with tariff package, including Broken Hill Migrants Museum, Hospital Museum, Ron Carter Transportation Pavilion and Triple Mineral Collection. The place is also home to various attractions of the railway, including Comet Silver City and Silverton Tramway Company.

Visitors can explore and find many traces of history in the old railway line, visitors can even find old steam train and the train which was once used. See the uniqueness of an old train engine and extensive mineral collection or visit a hospital also to the building used as a museum and is located in a separate building. In the Hospital Museum, visitors will find an interesting horse ambulance minature old and has made 315 trips for patients in the first year of operation. From here visitors will find that most people sick in the region is a miner. Sulphide Street Railway and Historical Museum has a rich history and visitors may need plenty of time to explore each location there. Being the path of Silverton Tramway Company, which is now collecting lots of antiques and old train.

Collection of rolling stock include Y 1888 steam locomotive, class T loco from the early 1900’s, W Loco diesel used since 1951, and the art deco Silver City Comet, which drove between Broken Hill and Parkes throughout 1937 to 1989. Hours: daily 10: 00-15: 00 closed Christmas Day and Good Friday Location Corner blende Street & Bromide Street, Broken Hill, New South Wales, 2880 Phone : 61 08 8088 4660 Visitors allowed into the existing trains and pretending to be an engineer or a walk through the carriages with cheerful. Continue Migrant visit to the Museum to discover a fascinating insight into the views of newcomers in Australia. There are dozens of accounts related fears, worries, hopes and excitement of migrants, many of whom fled poverty, persecution and war-torn Europe to resume a new life in the area. Sulphide-Street-Railway Continue the visit to the Ron Carter Transportation Pavilion and visitors will find the horse-drawn carriages that have now been restored and Gangers vehicles, visitors can also find an old ambulance and many other vehicles that had been used. Given the age of this equipment, it’s good to know that antiquity there were people who were smart enough to bring local history back to life. Visitors can also find an old bicycle, suitcase, typewriter, railroad lanterns and more. The museum is staffed by volunteers and most of the existing items have been donated.


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