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Templo Romano, Traces of Roman Emperor Worship

Historical city in Spain, Cordoba has the ruins of a Roman temple. It is located near City Hall and is the result of archaeological excavations. Although not complete, Templo Romano has attracted the attention of tourists and at night decorated light illumination.

Templo Romano ruins found during the expansion process Cordoba City Hall in 1950. Among other Roman heritage in Cordoba, Templo Romano is the site of the most important and the only result of excavation archeologist. Romano Templo development is expected in the middle of the 1st century, during the reign of Emperor Claudius and ended forty years later, under the leadership of Emperor Domitian. The modified Roman temple in the second century, coinciding when the forum or the main square of the Roman moved to the Convento de Santa Ana. The majority of the material used in the form of marble stones. And experts say this temple was used as a place of worship of the emperor or the Imperial Cult.

Templo Romano

Templo Romano who is now standing is the result of reconstruction of Felix Hernandez although the shape is not completely intact. The temple stands on a podium and consists of six pillars in the front and ten pillars on each side. The ruins were discovered and organized into Templo Romano is stairs, altar, and some shaft pillars and ornaments of ancient Roman architecture, the capital. The capital is the original artifacts that we can see while visiting the historic sites in Cordoba. Whereas the other original parts of the temple are kept in the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology Cordoba. The specialty of the historic building that is the foundation of the temple, where backers are arranged in a fan shape and sturdy structure called ante rides. The structure type is rarely used in the Roman Empire, so that it becomes its own advantages for Templo Romano. ( See Also : Museum of the City of Mexico Astonishing )

Operating Time: Monday – Sunday, at 10:00 to 20:00

Tickets: Free

Address: Calle Capitularies, s / n, 14003, Cordoba.

Night, Templo Romano also be the object of a very beautiful and suitable as a place to take pictures. This is because the pillars are strong and antiques decorated with a variety of colors of light that makes a historic building that looks more lifeless.


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