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Vacation Tips If Inviting Childhood

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Child is a valuable asset for any parent. Each growth and gestures they will get more attention from their parents. When to have children, there is a feeling that you can not leave your child home alone. Even when you traveled. When to have children, a choice vacation spot you must, of course, be adapted […]

Location UFO That Reveal its Existence


Unidentified flying object or so-called UFO has become a phenomenon that is still mysterious. In some places, the UFO sightings reportedly still clearly visible. Moreover, in some of these locations are often linked to UFO. Reporting from Rough guides, this is the spot: Roswell, New Mexico Roswell is the most common location of UFO sightings. […]

Oldest Synagogue, Synagogue de Cordoba

Sinagoga de Cordoba,-532

In the 19th century the Spanish government named the Synagogue de Cordoba as a national monument. The synagogue is already no longer active as a place of worship, but the historic building it became an important symbol for the modern Jewish community. Therefore, Sinagoga de Cordoba is an attractive tourist destination and also unique. Construction […]

Templo Romano, Traces of Roman Emperor Worship

Templo Romano spain

Historical city in Spain, Cordoba has the ruins of a Roman temple. It is located near City Hall and is the result of archaeological excavations. Although not complete, Templo Romano has attracted the attention of tourists and at night decorated light illumination. Templo Romano ruins found during the expansion process Cordoba City Hall in 1950. […]

Site Art Space in the country hong kong


Has an area of only 150m2 of exhibition space does not mean Site Art Space, Hong Kong does not present quality works of art for art and local culture. Site Art is able to bring a great concept into a limited space that is available as a non-profit institution featuring the work of contemporary art […] © 2017 - Information on Travel, Vacation Spots, and Museum